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 COVID-19 is amplifying economic, health, and social inequalities around the world. We bring attention to these inequalities and the ways to possibly mitigate the social impact equitably.

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Translation Challenges

COVID-19 resources and information on the internet only reaches a number of individuals proficient in the more popular and accessible...

Parent and Teacher at Home

How do parents who are also teachers fare in context of remote learning and teaching? The challenges of instructing from the home, while...

Colombians Hang Red Flags

Amidst the current pandemic, Colombians have begun to hang red flags from windows and doors as a symbol asking for help. The red flags...

An Oral History of Coronavirus

Frontline healthcare workers such as nurses, and their families, have contributed to crafting oral histories of their experiences during...

Social Networks and Xenophobia

Asian-Americans have been the target of xenophobic attacks on social media networks. Platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter...

Home Birth vs. Hospital Births

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, several expecting mothers have expressed that they would prefer to have a home birth rather than...

Coronavirus and Dating

In the midst of new forms of socialization imposed by COVID-19, some wonder how these changes influence dating life and social...

Women's Health and COVID-19

Gender-based inequities are crucial and pervasive. The UN Population Fund warns that the COVID-19 crisis may have hard-hitting, immense...

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Thank you for your interest in the social impact of COVID-19. For more information, including making contributions, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

Thank you.

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This site was created by Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, a social epidemiologist at the Brown University School of Public Health. It brings together colleagues from sociology - Antwan Jones (George Washington University), health geography - Imelda Moise (University of Miami) and education - Sarai Coba-Rodriguez (University of Illinois-Chicago) to examine the social impact of COVID-19.

Madeline Noh, a Brown University undergraduate double majoring in public health and anthropology, is the site manager.

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Health inequalities and the social determinants of health are not a footnote to the determinants of health. They are the main issue.

Sir Michael Marmot

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